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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Final Progress Pictures - Before and After

Summary: It is easy to forget how much my teeth have changed!

I finally decided to create a progress picture by month. Looking back, I can really see the changes and how much better it looks now. It is not perfect now, but I can't really complain because I love the way my teeth feel now.

If you look carefully and compare the pictures from month to month, you can actually see what the orthodontist was trying to correct at the time.


  1. Very nice. I am also asking my Family dentist in Chandler to do that to me. So far I am on my way to going to that process.

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  3. That's a nice picture of your teeth by month. With that, you could trace the progress on how your braces are doing their job. Well, judging from the picture, your underbite has the most problem. Make sure that you wear your retainers a bit longer than the ones on top.

    Rae Screen

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  5. Thank you so much. I read the whole blog and feel much better now. Amazing results.
    I just got mine two weeks ago. I am 53 and got them to re-align my molars. I have pain induced clenching that resulted in jaw misalignment) I can not longer use my bite guard every but still clench so my teeth push on the anchors. I will have to mention it on my next appointment because he said people usually stop clenching when they have braces.
    My teeth don't hurt but my cheeks are torn up by the spiky bits. They jab into my cheeks because I smile a lot. Reflex. LOL.
    Wax doesn't stick all that great or it is too soft and spiky goes through. I will have to try a different brand.
    Thank you again. Two years and counting.

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  9. Wow! That’s definitely some change right there! The pictures on the left really show how your front teeth have receded to fit the rest of the upper teeth with the help of those braces. It really does pay to invest in a really good dentist and having braces put on to straighten your teeth. Kudos to you as well for staying faithful to your dental appointments for months. Now you can reap the rewards of a set of great, if not yet perfect, teeth.

    Lenita Shives

  10. Wow! That is amazing. It really is great to look back and see how far you have gone since the first day you’ve had those braces isn’t it? I am so happy for you that you have finally finished your journey and your experience must have been worth all the pain.
    Dr. Jason Dew @ GRMetroDental