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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Final Progress Pictures - Before and After

Summary: It is easy to forget how much my teeth have changed!

I finally decided to create a progress picture by month. Looking back, I can really see the changes and how much better it looks now. It is not perfect now, but I can't really complain because I love the way my teeth feel now.

If you look carefully and compare the pictures from month to month, you can actually see what the orthodontist was trying to correct at the time.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Week 7 with my Retainers (Post Damon Braces)

Summary: I got my retainer replacements, for free!

The Monday after I had lost my retainers at a restaurant, I called the orthodontist's office and made an appointment for later in the day. During the call, I had confirmed that they will need to make new impressions and a new mold as they don't keep them.

I showed up at 430pm, brushed my teeth and was then immediately called to be seated. Shortly after my orthodontist came over and didn't really ask how I lost it, but he was the nicest guy when he said he would waive my fee as it was the first time. However, he had forgotten I had removable lower retainers cause he said it would have been about $200. So, I corrected him and said, I also lost my lower ones. He paused but said he'd waive those too!! This definitely made my week!! I left after the impressions were made and was asked to come on Thursday (that is only 3 days later).

Today I showed up and got my retainers fitted and got myself a new case as well. The retainers actually fit so much better than my old ones for some reason. A lot more snug and a little harder to remove because the wires seem to hug my teeth a little more. I don't really think my teeth moved because I feel no pain nor discomfort (besides the regular annoyance of having something in my mouth 24/7. It actually felt great to get my retainers back.

As I left, the receptionist stopped me and said I had won the monthly raffle for movie tickets! That was just icing on the cake. At my ortho they do monthly movie raffles and I guess after 2 years, I finally won!

Let's hope I don't lose these new retainers.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 6 with my Retainers

Summary: More like week 6 with my lost retainers :(

I just got back from dinner and about an hour and a half later I realized I forgot my retainers! I called the restaurant back and they said they had thrown out the trash out already.

On my drive back home I felt super guilty. I kept thinking what the ortho said - he said not to wrap it in a napkin or paper towel because someone would mistaken it with trash and throw it out!! I left it on the table and since it was kind of dark and crowded I totally forgot! I normally remember even though I wrap it in paper.

Let's hope it costs less than $200. Anybody know how much they cost in California? I also hope my ortho has kept the impressions /mold so that I would get retainers with the original mold. I am afraid that if he takes new impressions they are going to be for teeth that have already moved around. I'll be calling first thing Monday morning. It is unfortunate this happened on a Friday night.

I can't believe I lost it already after only 6 weeks!!!!! So upset!